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  • 1. How to download adn install APP?

    Download APP “EseeCloud(IP Pro,VR Cam)” 

    Method 1:

    Scan the QR-Code below to find the free mobile APP, suitable for IOS and Android.

    Method 2:

    Search Eseecloud"(IP Pro, VR Cam)" on APP store or Google play to find it.

    APP Store: Click here

    Google play:Click here

  • 2. How to register an EseeCloud account?

    Step: Click Register → Input your email or cellphone nubmer → Click Confirm → Input verification code → Input your Password → Click Confirm.

    1. This APP account can be used for both APP and CMS login.
    2. Click “Forget password?” to retrieve new password if you forget your APP account password.

  • 3. How to Add Camera to EseeCloud

    There are three methods available. Please choose one of them.

    Please ensure that the mobile phone and the camera are using the same WiFi Router during the process.

    Method 1: Wireless add with a QR code on the camera

    Step 1: Put your camera and mobile phone close to the router within 5ft.
    Step 2: Power on the camera, the camera will rotate itself to start, in about 30 seconds you will hear a voice “Di…Di…Di…”.
    Setp 3: Login to the EseeCloud APP, click “ + ”  → Scan the QR code on the camera → Click “Add”.

    Step 4: Check if the device indicator light is blinking. If so, click “Device light is blinking” → Click “Remote View” → Input your WIFI name and password → Click “Next”. 

    Step 4: Aligh the QR code with the camera lens 15-25cm, and wait for the camera to make a prompt voice “ding…ding” or the indicator light stops flashing  → Click “Hear the prompt voice/indicator does not flash” → Set the device name → Click “Add device to list” → Configuration done. 

    Method 2: Wireless add without a QR code on the camera

    Step 1: Login to the EseeCloud APP → Click “ + ”  → Click “Other ways to add” → Click “Standalone camera”.

    Step 2: Click “Go to settings” go to the WLAN setting on phone → Connect with the camera’s hotspot which begins with “IPC******”, and the password is 11111111 → Back to EseeCloud Add device interface → Click “Remote View”. 

    Step 3: Find your home WiFi and input the WiFi password, click “Confirm”. Please wait until you hear a voice message “Wireless Connection Successfully”, which means the camera has successfully connected to your home WiFi.

    Method 3: Connecting Camera via Network Cable

    The camera supports both WiFi and network cable connection modes. 
    If the camera’s installation location is out of your router’s WiFi range or the signal is weak, you can use the network cable connection. 

    Step 1: 
    Power on the camera, connect it to the router via network cable (No included). In about 30 seconds you might hear a voice “di…di …di …”, and the camera will rotate itself to start.

    Setp 2: 
    ● Login to the Eseecloud APP → Click “+” → Click “Other ways to add”. 
    ● Click “LAN scan”. 
    ● Select the device ID, click “Add”. 
    ● Edit your device name. Password: blank, don’t input anyting
    ● Click “Complete”. 


    1. Please lay out the network cable and install the camera to the location you want to install after completing the connection settings.
    2. If it shows offline, please unplug the power and plug it back in.

  • 4. How to Add Camera to Camera System(NVR)

    The camera can be used alone with APP or added to the Cromorc surveillance system by following the steps below. So that you can watch the camera image on the system’s monitor and record the video to the hard drive inside the NVR.
    Note: Make sure your NVR is connected to the same router(Internet) of the camera for Wireless Add.

    Step 1: Add the camera to the APP according to the Method 1.

    Step 2: Login to NVR → Right click the mouse on the screen of the NVR → Left click “Wireless Add”, the camera will match code automatically → left click “Exit” after add successfully.

    TIPS:  If you don’t follow the above instruction, some camera functions can’t be used on the NVR. You can press the camera’s Reset button and try again.

  • 5. How to Add Camera to CMS(PC)

    Get CMS software: EseeCloud

    ● Please email us to get the latest version of free CMS software: EseeCloud. Then install it on your PC.
    ● CMS Download: http://www.cromorc.com/download
    ● The APP account can be used to login to the CMS.

    ● Login to the CMS interface, find your camera(Cloud ID) in the right column, click "connection" button to connect the camera, the camera image will be displayed in the video area.

    You can playback video, download video, and PTZ control video, etc.

  • 6. How to Share Camera to Family or Friend

    1. A camera can only be added to one main APP account, but you can share the camera to your friend or family.
    2. Choose “Share Permissions” and set the valid time of share QR-code, then click “Complete”.
    3. Scan the QR-code on QR code scanning interface in another account.

    NOTE: If you want to unbind the camera from the main APP account, press and hold the reset button of the camera 6-8 seconds.

  • 7. How to Playback and Download Video on EseeCloud?

    ● You can watch camera record in playback interface, but you need to insert a TF card or purchase cloud service first.
    ● When the TF card is full, system will cycle record and overwirte from earliest content.

    Playback interface

    What do the colors on the timeline represent?

    Grey Block: Timing video recording: the camera records in a set period of time
    Orange Block: Smart detection recording: recording when the camera detects the moving object
    whiot Block: No video recording,the camera is not recording or the TF card is formatted

    Download video to your Phone Album
    Click Download button to enter the “TF cara video download” interface: 
    1. Select the video(s) according to your needs.
    2. Click Download button, the video will be downloaded to “Screenshot/video”. 
    3. Back to APP main interface, click “Me”.
    4. Click “Screenshot/video”. 
    5. Click the video you want to save to your phone Photo Album. 
    6. Click in the upper right corner. 
    7. Click “Save Video” to download the video to your phone Photo Album.

  • 8. Live View Interface

    Click the image box on the APP main interface, enter Live View Interface. 

  • 9. How to use PTZ control?

    PTZ Control

    Click the image box on the APP main interface, enter Live View Interface. Press and hold or click one directional indicator to control the direction of the camera and adjust the monitoring area.

    Lens Control

    ● The zoom and focus features below are only available for Optical zoom less.
    Before using this functions, please understand the lens type of your camera.
    ● Press “+” and “-” for adjustments.

    Note: You can double-click the image box for digital zoom in/out, or use two-finger 
    control to zoom in/out the screen. When you make the digital zoom too much, the camera image will blur. 

  • 10. How to Set Frequently Viewed Location?

    ● Preset position:  Save specified view position which you need to monitor frequenlty. Then you can quickly point the lens to the preset position.
    ● Guard position: The first preset position is the the guard position. The camera will automatically return to this position after rotating with the moving target.

    1. Adjust the camera view position you want, click “Frequently Viewed Location”.
    2. Click “ + ” button.
    3. Edit a name of the frequently view location, click “Confirm”.
    4. You can click on the corresponding picture to quickly recall the saved preset position.
    5. Click edit button to edit(delete) the preset pisition.

  • 11. How to Set Auto Cruise?
    NOTE: Preset position cruise is not applicable for optical zoom camera, only available for digital zoom camera.

    Step 1: On APP main interface, click “ …  ” → “Settings” → “PTZ control” →Choose one of the cruise modes.

    ● Panoramic cruise: Fixed cruising trajectory, horizontal all-round care.
    ● Preset position cruise: The preset position cruise function requires more than two preset positions to be use normally.

    Step 2: Back to Live View interface, click “More” → Click “Cruise” to turn on/off “Auto cruise”.


    ● The ongoing Auto Cruise will stop when you click on the control wheel. If you want to turn on it again, you need to click the cruise button to cancel and then click one more time.
    ● Please use the automatic cruise function in needed. The continuous use of the automatic cruise function may reduce the service life of the camera.

  • 12. Smart Detection Alarm

    You can set Humanoid detection and Mobile tracking on the interface.

    Intelligent detection period

    ● The camera detects 24 hours by default. You can choose from three prepared plans, also can customize the detection time period.
    ● Blue block indicates the time period for which an detection is allowed.

    Screen detection area setting

    You can set the motion detection area or cordon to reduce unwanted alarm message.

    ● Area mode: If there is an object moving in the detection area, the intelligent detection alarm will be triggered. The default is all selected, which means that all areas are
    detection areas. You can click “Empty” to clear and then re-edit the detection area.

    ● Cordon mode: when a moving object touches the cordon, an intelligent detection alarm will be triggered. One or more cordons can be drawn.

    Siren setting

    When the camera triggers motion detection, it will make an alarm sound. You can choose the default one, or you can record the alarm sound by yourself (10 seconds in length).

  • 13. Recording setting

    On APP main interface, click “ ” → “Settings” → “Recording setting”. 

  • 14. Night Vision Mode(Floodlight Control)

    On APP main interface, click “” → “Settings” → “Picture settings”.

    Night Vision Mode Settings
    ● Smart night vision(Recommended)
       When motion detection is triggered, the floodlight will automacially turned on in low light.

    ● Full color night vision
       When the ambient light is insuffcient, the 
       floodlight always turn on.

    ● Infrared night vision
       According to bright light or low light environment,
       infrared light automatically switches. 
       The floodlight won't be turned on.

    ● Infrared always on
       Infrared light works day and night.

    ● Infrared always off
       Infrared light does’t work day and night.

    Floodlight Control

    ● To use Smart night vision mode, smart detection must be turned on(Refer to page 24).
    ●  If you want to turn off the floodlight, please select Infrared night vision mode.

  • 15. How to Set Privacy Area?
    Set the privacy area, then the related image area will be covered with color boxes.
    On APP main interface, click “” → “Settings” → “Picture settings” → “Privacy area”.
    ● Click “+” to add new privacy area. Up to 4 privacy zones can be set.
    ● Click “Edit” to edit the privacy area or delete the privacy area.