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  • 1. How to Get CMS Software-EseeCloud?

    Please email us to get the latest version of CMS software: EseeCloud.



    Or open the link below to download

    Click to enter Download page

  • 2. How to Install and Login CMS-EseeCloud on your PC?

    1. Default user: Username is admin, Password is blank, no need to input anything.

    2. Add NVR device to CMS

    Enter the CMS main interface, after completing the steps to add NVR to CMS, you can view video on CMS.

    1. Click +add

    2. Click Cloud ID

    3. Input your Cloud ID of the NVR

    4. Input your Username(default is admin)

    5. Input your Password (default is blank don't input anything)

    6. Set number of channels

    7. Click Finish

    8. Left click to connect or disconnect


    1. Input the Username and Password of the NVR: Your NVR’s Username and Password
    Default Username is admin,  default Password is blank, don’t input anything.

    2. You can find Could ID in NVR System Setup → Network Setup.

    from clipboard

  • 3. How to Update the Username and Password of NVR?

    The Username and Password here should be the same ones used to login to the NVR system. If you have reset the Username and Password of NVR, please update them on CMS accordingly. Otherwise, cameras can not be viewed on CMS remotely any more. As shown below to update password:

  • 4. How to Playback Video on CMS?
    1. Click Playback
    2. Select the camera channel
    3. Select the Record Type
    4. Select the date
    5. Click Retrieval to search videos
    6. Video control area

    TIPS: Only one channel video can be retrieved at a time, please repeat the operation to retrieve other channel videos.

    Make sure your NVR is connected to router(internet) to view camera on CMS.

  • 5. How to Download Video on CMS?

    In the Playback interface,  operate in the following order to download video.

    1.  Left click a vedio image to select a channel

    2.  Select the type of record.

    3.  Select the date.

    4.  Left click Download.

    5.  In the pop-up download resource dialog box, select the video of the corresponding time period, and left click the download icon to download.

    6.  Notification will pop up the file storage path after downloading the video.